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LAHIA Culinary Pathway
LAHIA Culinary Pathway


Nourishing the Community, 

Let's Work Together!

Chef Tom Gescheidle
LAHIA Culinary Pathway
LAHIA Culinary Pathway
Lahia Culinary Pathway


To provide adults that are unemployed or underemployed, the professional skills required to achieve a successful career in the foodservice industry.


When given the proper foundation, training, and opportunity to achieve, anyone is capable of success. Our culinary job training program provides all three of these essential elements.

Marketplace Need:

The demand for qualified food service personnel has increased significantly, providing opportunities for work in a variety of settings including restaurants, grocery chains, hospitals, hotels, schools, and catering.


Our nine-week culinary job training program is offered five times a year. Enrollment is limited to five students per session to ensure each student's success. Our program provides hands-on culinary training by a professional chef.

The curriculum teaches the skills required by foodservice

employers and includes:

          Professional Knife Skills

          Basic Cooking Skills

          Food Safety and Sanitation

          Life Communications Skills

Job placement support is provided during our program

Community Impact:

As part of the LAHIA Culinary Pathway program, students will be preparing meals for the LAHIA community. Currently, LAHIA provides approximately 850+ meals per

week to the homeless and food insecure population in the Stuart/Port Salerno area of Martin County. The program

will also be a conduit through which community relationships are developed and nurtured as LAHIA reaches

out to other non-profit organizations and the people they serve. Our neighborhood collaborations create ways to nourish the community while empowering it's residents.


Through the generous contributions of our supporters, our students can participate in this transformational program

tuition-free. Your tax-deductible gift helps change lives by creating a pathway for the career success of our graduates while supporting the ongoing operating costs of the LAHIA

Culinary Pathway program.

What's New?

Meet our Chef Instructor

Chef Carla

Chef Carla O'Donnell

We are always looking for

new candidates

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